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At Orea Capital, we view your wealth as more than just a number – it's the fruit of your labor and the gateway to your dreams.

Here, we treat your wealth with the care and attention it deserves, and trust is the bedrock of our relationship. Here, your financial goals become our goals, and we manage your capital as if it were our own. 

With a personalized approach and forward thinking, we strive to secure, nurture, and expand your wealth for generations to come.

Whether it be for managing your personal wealth or for that of your company, you can rely on us. We also offer specialized solutions for institutional clients.

As a brokerage firm, our primary focus is crystal clear: you can rely on us to assist with account openings and asset management, whether for personal or corporate purposes. However, we do not provide mortgages or consumer loans. Additionally, we offer tailored services for institutional clients.

What makes us unique?

We prioritize straightforward solutions, avoiding product sales and overly complex investments, always with a long-term vision. Our focus on direct investments in stocks and bonds, supplemented by tactical positions in trackers (ETFs), benefits you with clarity and simplicity.

Orea Capital is a specialized and independent wealth management firm. Our team, made up of seasoned professionals in the financial industry, is dedicated solely to serving our customers' best interests, not those of third parties.

Our client-centric investment strategy prioritizes genuine advice over product sales. We operate with a no-hidden-fees policy, ensuring transparency in communication, reporting, and costs.

You'll work closely with your personal advisor, who builds trust through frequent personal contact and regular updates. They will ensure that your needs and goals remain at the forefront of our approach.

We integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operations, prioritize ethical investments, and actively engage in philanthropy, ensuring a positive impact on both society and the environment.


Our unique investment approach

Our investment approach is centered around five basic principles:


Our portfolio consists of around 35 individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, and occasionally also investment funds. No hedge funds, derivatives, or structured products.


Our specialized team of managers applies a bottom-up approach to your portfolio: they analyze the results, balance sheet, and growth prospects of specific companies. 

Long-term vision

We focus on long-term opportunities and purposefully build positions in your portfolio based on strong convictions. 


Your portfolio is constructed based on your risk profile, your plans, and your financial goals.

Actions speak louder than words

The directors of Orea Capital apply the same investment strategy to their own assets as they do to their clients'. Putting our money where our mouth is. This approach applies to all our clients, whether you are an individual client, a company, or an institutional investor.

Get to know us

Stop by one of our offices, or better yet, let us come to you. We offer an initial consultation free of obligation, where you can get to know us and ask us all your questions, helping you determine if we're the right fit for you.

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